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4 Ways To Avoid Losing Your Keys

It seems that of out of all a person’s belongings, car keys seem to get lost the most. It’s as if they hide on purpose. Because launching a search of your entire house can take up a lot of time, consider trying a few new ways to keep track of your key ring. 

1. Have a Plan

While there genuinely are ways to prevent losing your keys, it is a good idea to have a backup plan just in case it happens. Some people store an extra key somewhere in their home or ask a family member to hold onto it, for instance. You may also want to look into companies that offer car remote key replacement Montgomery County MD so you can have a new one made.

2. Designate a Spot

Another pro tip for keeping track of your keys is to always store them in the same place. When you get home from work, for example, hang your keys on a rack by the door or put them in a bowl on the counter. When you are away from home, consider finding a specific pocket or area of your purse to store them in.

3. Attach a Tracker

There are also new technologies that can help you find your keys when they have been misplaced. Consider attaching a small tracking device to your key ring so that you can look up its location when needed.

4. Make It Visible

A final piece of advice for not losing your keys is to make sure they are easily seen. If your car key is just a lone dark-colored fob, it might be hard to see when it slips into a crack in the couch. It may be helpful to attach your keys to a brightly colored ring or lanyard.

Everyone misplaces things now and again, but there are ways to reduce the number of times this happens to you. Consider making a few changes to your routine that might help you to keep tabs on your keys at all times.

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