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Auto Spare Parts for Commercial Vehicles

Selecting high-quality auto spare parts can help you avoid costly repairs and lower vehicle maintenance costs, while improving performance and fuel economy of your vehicle.

Auto spare parts industry is one of the world’s largest and most profitable businesses, projected to experience compound annual revenue growth at 1.9 percent for five years.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are an integral component of transportation systems. From passenger vans and trucks, these commercial vehicles serve an invaluable purpose and must be regularly maintained in order to remain roadworthy and safe for use.

When searching for commercial vehicles, there are various choices on the market available today. These range from big rigs and 18-wheelers or tractor-trailers, vans and pickup trucks – as well as big rigs!

Heavy-duty vehicles require special parts in order to remain running safely, and there are many sources for commercial vehicle spare parts. A trusted distributor will help you locate high-quality products at competitive prices while saving money and maintaining an appropriate level of road safety.

Passenger Vehicles

Auto spare parts for passenger vehicles include products related to its electronic, mechanical, and computer systems that may be required for repairs and maintenance of the car.

Passenger cars are an essential form of transport for millions worldwide, serving as primary modes of travel among cars, station wagons and vans.

These vehicles are specifically designed to transport passengers, seating up to nine including the driver. There are also commercial vehicles designed for hauling goods which could also be considered passenger vehicles.

Electrical Parts

Vehicle electrical systems consist of several important parts, including the battery, starter and alternator. If any one of these parts fails to function as designed, your car won’t start or run smoothly.

Problems can usually be identified and fixed quickly with auto spare parts. A knowledgeable mechanic can quickly pinpoint any electrical issues as well as identify which part(s) require replacement.

Examples of common auto parts with electrical components include switches, fuses, lights and meters. All these items serve multiple purposes and should be protected from harsh environments.

Fuses are used to protect equipment from sudden power surges that could potentially harm expensive machinery. Furthermore, their size makes them an efficient option in tight spaces where space may be an issue.

Engine Parts

Your engine is at the core of your vehicle, and its spare parts help ensure its proper function. These include components like the cylinder block (crankcase), cylinder head, pistons, crankshaft camshaft camshaft fuel injector spark plug and rocker arm assemblies.

The cylinder block, typically made of aluminum or iron, contains several holes for cooling water and oil flow to provide cooling and lubricating of your engine. It also houses pistons and crankshafts depending on engine size; usually four to twelve cylinders depending on vehicle model.

The cylinder head of your engine is another essential component, featuring small indents cast into it to allow combustion. Furthermore, this component houses valves which open and close under spring pressure in order to control air, fuel and exhaust gas flow.

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