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How To Pump Gas Into Your Car

When you first begin driving, there are skills that you must learn to keep your car on the road. Refueling your vehicle is one that might seem complicated but is very simple. Here are the steps to do so. 

Park By the Pump

Once you find a gas station, pull alongside a pump and turn your car off. Be sure that the fuel door is alongside the pump. The best way to find this is to look at your fuel indicator on you dashboard. The arrow tells you on what side of your automobile you will put gasoline in. 

Purchase the Fuel

There are typically two ways to buy the gas you need. Using a credit card, you can side it into the pump and activate it. You can also go inside and give your cash or credit card to the attendant to prepay it. When it indicates that it is ready to operate, choose the grade of gasoline you want then lift the nozzle. Twist the gas cap off until it releases, then set it someplace where you will remember it. Extend the gas pump hose retractor far enough to reach your car and slide the nozzle into your vehicle. 

Pump the Gas

Squeeze the handle in your hand to begin the fuel flowing. If you plan to purchase a couple gallons of gas, you can continue to do this until you reach your limit. However, if you want to fill it up completely, flip the little metal piece down until it latches in place. This will keep the handle in place and free up your hand. Once you reach the dollar amount you wish, release the handle so that the gas stops flowing into your automobile. Pull the nozzle out of your vehicle and place it back on the pump. Replace your gas car, then close the fuel door. 

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