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A Homeowner’s Survival Guide

Buying a home is an exciting commitment that comes with a lot of responsibility. After you are settled in and unpacked, consider making a survival kit and list of key contacts should you need professional help in the future.

Water, Water Everywhere

Homes, new and old, are prone to leaks, plumbing issues, and minor flooding depending on the region you live in. In addition to solid homeowner’s insurance, consider investing in yearly plumbing maintenance checks. For emergencies, be sure to have phone numbers handy for 24-hour plumbers and crews should an unexpected, urgent issue arise. Search online or ask neighbors for their recommendations.

Locked and Loaded

Consider swapping out locks for all of your household doors immediately after moving. Texas residents can consider Decatur lock and key for easy re-keying needs. Even if you have been living in your abode for a while, it’s important to have locksmith contacts on hand should you experience a home break-in or other incident requiring you to replace doors and windows.

Deep Clean

Houses come with messes, so it is crucial to have contacts in place should your home need professional cleaning. Consider researching carpet cleaners, window washers, and general household cleaning for weekly care. All budgets and homes are different, so analyze what cleaning tasks you’d like to handle by yourself and which are worth a splurge.

Yard Maintenance

Finally, have tree removal, gutter cleaning, and outdoor cleaning contacts at the ready should immediate action be required after a storm or hazardous weather. Also, put a plan in place for weekly law care, whether it be on your own with a lawnmower you purchase or via a professional service.

With a little preparation and research, you can create your own list of contacts and businesses to serve your home for annual maintenance needs or emergency situations.

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