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3 Ways To Dispose of a Wrecked Car

If you have a wrecked vehicle that is too damaged to repair or not valuable enough to be worth repairing, you may be wondering how to dispose of it. Consider one of these three options for disposing of your wrecked car.

1. Sell It

In many states, a totaled car can not be legally driven. However, you can get cash for wrecked cars Dekalb County GA, by selling your car to a company that buys wrecked vehicles. Most of these companies break down these cars and sell the parts to individuals or repair shops to be used to repair other damaged vehicles that are still drivable. If you are receiving an insurance settlement on the car, you will need to inform your insurance company that you intend to keep the vehicle. 

2. Let Your Insurance Company Take It

If you have collision coverage on your car, or you are receiving a settlement from another person’s insurance, and the insurance company has determined that the vehicle is a total loss, they will usually offer you a settlement amount that includes the insurance company taking ownership of your wrecked vehicle and selling it to a salvage company. If you do not want the hassle of trying to dispose of the car yourself, then your easiest option is to let the insurance company handle it for you. 

3. Donate It to Charity

If you are not dealing with an insurance company, or simply do not want to let them have the car and you do not want to sell it, you can instead donate it to a charity. You will need to do some research to find a charity that wants to accept this type of donation.

If you have a wrecked vehicle, you can not simply haul it to the dump or leave it sitting in your yard. These three options can help you dispose of your car safely and legally. 

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