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4 Common Metals for Recycling

Modern life counts on metals to perform important tasks. The good news is that many metals are recyclable. They are able to be used again and again because metals can undergo the recycling process without losing their original qualities. Here are four types of metals that are commonly recycled.


Aluminum is lightweight, shiny, resistant to corrosion, and an excellent conductor of electricity. These qualities make it an attractive choice for the production of numerous objects ranging from kitchen pans to drink cans to above-ground power lines, and it is commonly recycled to be used repeatedly.


Steel is famously tough and durable. It is resistant to heat and magnetic, qualities that render it useful in many applications ranging from wires to bars used in structural construction to pipes and pipe fittings. Steel can be melted down and reshaped many times and keep its integrity. Appliances and old vehicles are important sources of large pieces and yields of this useful metal, and businesses that deal with scrap cars Morris County NJ are important parts of the recycling chain.


This corrosion-resistant metal is dense and durable yet malleable. This set of qualities renders it useful in a variety of applications.

  • Pipes
  • Downspouts
  • Gutters
  • Radiation protection
  • Sheathing for cables

Lead’s heaviness also makes it excellent for use as weights to lift and in diving belts.


Gold is a precious metal valued for its beauty, so its recyclability may be surprising. However, gold is an important part of sustainable manufacturing and can be melted down and reused repeatedly. Gold is malleable yet ductile, and it conducts both heat and electricity well. While gold is famously used for jewelry and coins, it also has other important uses.

  • Joints for artificial limbs
  • Dental applications
  • Electronics and computer parts

Gold may be beautiful, but it is also functional in practical ways.

Recycling Metals

Metal recycling is an important segment in the growing move to create sustainable industries. Many types of metals can be melted down and reused repeatedly without losing their original qualities. Reusing and repurposing is part of caring for this planet.

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