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The Best Electric Scooter

Your ride should match your individual riding needs – for an easier commute or adding fun and enjoyment on regular walks, an electric scooter may be just what’s needed! Finding your ideal one depends entirely upon this criteria.

Consider both weight and battery life before selecting a scooter. Models with larger motors tend to cover longer distances, yet may take more time for full charging.

1. Segway Ninebot Max

The Segway Ninebot Max two-wheel scooter is an excellent choice for anyone seeking safe and reliable two-wheel transport. Boasting sturdy construction without feeling cumbersome, an intuitive LED dashboard that’s simple to navigate and an extended range without quickly draining their battery, the Segway Ninebot Max makes an excellent addition to any home or office environment.

The Ninebot Max also comes equipped with a kickstand to keep its scooter upright when not in use – something not always present on other scooters and therefore an extra added feature of note.

Performance wise, the Ninebot Max can handle steep inclines with ease and reach top speeds of 15.5 mph. Furthermore, its large 10 inch pneumatic tires help absorb road vibrations and shocks for added peace of mind.

2. GoTrax GMax

GoTrax has built its reputation on creating budget scooters that look sleek and expensive, such as their GMax Ultra scooter. Its matte black frame with metallic cyan accents is stunning – its battery being stored underneath its deck is also sleek in appearance as well as keeping center of gravity low while riding and helping prevent any wire tangles or any tangled wires during riding sessions.

The GMax Ultra features an exclusive LED display designed for easy reading while riding, featuring large front and reactive rear lights to ensure nighttime cruising is safe, as well as enough speed and range to handle city traffic with double lock system for security throughout the day.

3. Unagi Model One

The Unagi Model One scooter is an ideal solution for commuters in search of something sleek, stylish and powerful – offering up to 15.5 miles of range – perfect for city living!

Its sleek design is enhanced by a comfortable handlebar equipped with multi-use display capabilities and intuitive controls, plus flush-mounted LED headlight and rear blinking light, flush mount LED tail light, as well as high pitch electronic horn which will grab drivers’ attention on your path.

The Model One scooter utilizes reliable LG batteries that are known for their long lifespan and low maintenance requirements, making this model low maintenance. Furthermore, an onboard display offers added peace of mind to riders keeping tabs on battery status and speed.

4. Swagger 5 Elite

The Swagger 5 Elite is the future of personal transportation with its powerful motor and app integration, reaching speeds up to 18 mph on a single charge and featuring airless tires to prevent flats. You can adjust cruise control, select speed modes and plan your route via GPS with its companion app.

Although its capabilities are impressive, the Swagger 5 remains cost-effective and compact enough for you to easily fit it in your trunk or any closet in your home or workplace.

The Swagger 5 Elite features an ergonomic, sleek design and includes LED head and taillights for safety, as well as a rear disc brake to give additional control and manageability. A battery recharge takes 3.5 hours while its gyroscope-based acceleration system ensures efficient acceleration performance.

5. Mycle Cruiser Pro

Mycle Cruiser Pro stands out as an extremely portable electric scooter due to its foldable design. Additionally, its light weight makes transport and storage effortless.

Even with its compact dimensions, the Cruiser Pro packs plenty of power thanks to a powerful 480W motor and Samsung 60V battery that allow it to ride uphill with ease. Thanks to these components, riders can travel miles on end while also conquering hills!

Mycle offers an easy ride, with its spacious deck and nonslip footboard making it simple to adjust riding position and lean confidently into turns. Furthermore, this model comes equipped with both mechanical and electronic brakes for additional control.

Built-in LED displays show important stats like speed, estimated range and energy recovery from regenerative braking – an eye-catching feature which elevates the look of this stylish scooter.

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