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Car Maintenance Tips

Vehicles are expensive, and vehicle owners are responsible for making sure they are safe. Proper maintenance will keep your car in good working order and ensure it is safe to drive. A comprehensive maintenance program will save you money and protect you and others on the road. Therefore, consider these car maintenance tips.

Address Your Oil and Fluids

In the past you may have just taken your car into quick lube Big Rapids MI when you needed the oil changed, but maintenance requires more than regular oil changes. For example, you should also check your oil at least once per month. Your owner’s manual will tell you when your oil should be changed and what type of oil you should use.

You should also have your coolant and transmission, brake and power steering fluids checked. Look for leaks under your vehicle, and if you find one, have it inspected immediately.

Maintain Your Tires

You should regularly check your vehicle’s tire pressure because this pressure directly affects how and how fast your tires wear out. Your owner’s manual will tell you what pressure your tires should have. In addition, rotate your tires at least every 10,000 miles. If your car wobbles, check to make sure your tires are balanced. Also, pay attention to recalls.

Have Your Car Checked Regularly

Whether your car’s check engine light comes on or not, you should have your vehicle checked when you replace your oil. Ask the technician to inspect your brakes, wheel bearings and alternator. A quality technician will also assess your belts and hoses. Losing any of these parts on the road can be dangerous.

At home, you can test your windshield wipers and lights to ensure everything is working properly. Replace any burnt out lights immediately.

Protect yourself and your pocket book by working with a qualified technician on your vehicle maintenance.

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