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Energica Offers the Best Electric Motorcycle

If you are thinking of switching to electric motorcycles, there are numerous models to consider. Energica provides street-oriented bikes like the Eva Ribelle and Scrambler-inspired EsseEsse9 for riders wanting to ease into riding an e-moto.

These bikes are designed to resemble petrol-powered motorcycles and offer the same experience without the noise and fumes, while offering greater range and quicker charging times than their petrol-fueled counterparts.

Energica Eva Ribelle RS

Among electric motorcycles, the Energica Eva Ribelle RS stands out as one of the finest. It can challenge many IC liter bikes for performance and has several features designed to make riding enjoyable.

This bike is powered by a 107kW EMCE permanent magnet motor with both an internal rotor and external stator, plus it boasts a 21.5kWh battery for city range and highway travel.

It can accelerate from 0 to 100kph in just 2.8 seconds thanks to an advanced VCU mapping of key power parameters, carrying riders up to 170 km without charging up. Additional features include Marzocchi front suspension and Brembo radial brakes on both wheels; plus it comes equipped with four driving modes.

Cake Kalk INK

Swedish bike manufacturer Cake creates some of the most stunning electric motorcycles on the market, yet its latest offering, at $9,500, may only be affordable to a select few. Called the Kalk INK (or INK SL for street legality), its 11kW motor powers its 2.6kWh battery and features three ride modes – while making this motorcycle perfect for off-road use alone.

Like its other bikes, Cake’s Kalk takes inspiration from enduro and downhill mountain bikes to provide an efficient backcountry riding experience without polluting or polluting. The name derives from Gotland Island’s Kalksten limestone bedrock where testing takes place; INK refers to its dark palette of bodywork, suspension and fenders.

Maeving RM1

Maeving’s RM1 boasts a maximum speed of 45mph and can travel up to 80 miles on two batteries, easily charging via home or work 240v wall socket. According to Maeving, annual running costs should come in around PS60.

The RM1 is powered by a Bosch drive motor mounted in its rear wheel hub; thus maintenance should be minimal. It looks beautiful thanks to its combination of classic and modern elements, such as its brushed aluminium cases with wiring channels that mimic an exhaust, as well as its stunning aesthetic that blends classic with modern elements such as its brushed aluminium cases resembling exhaust pipes. However, as it is intended for use within city settings only and thus should not excel on long distance rides or dual carriageways; Maeving says basic training will suffice for ride one.

Zero S

The Zero S is the fully faired version of the SR/F, the aggressive electric streetfighter unveiled by small company Zero in 2019. This model sheds all toy-like associations from previous EV models and offers compelling reasons to make the switch.

Air-cooled, radial flux permanent magnet motor and 14.4 kWh battery pack combine to deliver 68 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque – enough to power you through city streets or out onto highways. Range figures may differ; you could get around 82 miles per charge in town driving or 85 on highway riding (although highway riding depletes batteries quicker).

Owners can connect the Zero S to their smartphone app in order to set performance settings, monitor ride and energy usage patterns, and perform system updates. It even features storage in place of its fuel tank!

Ultraviolette F77

If the Ultraviolette F77 fulfills its promise, it could revolutionise India’s two-wheeler market. As India’s first designed, constructed, and produced electric motorcycle without government subsidies attached, its impact could be enormous.

Motor production provides sufficient torque and power to navigate city traffic efficiently while climbing steep inclines, with up to 120kph in Combat mode and 200km range indicated by the company.

Glide mode offers eco-like efficiency while Combat and Ballistic provide performance levels comparable to rival EVs. Furthermore, this bike’s 9-axis inertia measurement unit relays key riding metrics directly back to you as the rider; furthermore it features a CCS type-2 port that allows charging up to 80 percent in 1.5 hours or so.

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