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Riders Share Makes it Easy to Rent a Motorcycle

Airbnb provides vacation rental solutions, while now Riders Share provides motorcycle sharing options.

Riders Share is similar to car rental service Getaround; its listing feature enables owners to upload photos and pricing details, with approval coming soon thereafter allowing a meeting place for key pickup and inspection.

Peer-to-Peer Platforms

When renting a motorcycle, there are various rental companies and platforms available. From large chain rental companies like Hertz Ride which specializes in sports bikes to mom-and-pop outfitters or peer-to-peer platforms specializing in all makes and models of bikes – you have numerous choices when selecting where you rent from.

Riders Share is one such motorcycle rental marketplace, providing motorcycle owners a way to make extra income by renting their bikes to others and providing riders with protection in case of damage. Twisted Road also offers numerous motorcycles for rent.

These platforms enable customers to rent motorcycles directly from an individual owner instead of renting from a traditional rental agency, thus saving money while finding one that perfectly meets their needs. It is an especially great option for new riders looking to test ride before purchasing one – though theft risks should always be taken into consideration.

Owners Make Money

Owning a motorcycle can be costly. To supplement the cost, renting out your bike could make extra money; just be aware of any associated risks such as liability claims against rental firms and your personal insurer (in case they provide coverage).

Sell Your MotorcycleWhen it is no longer needed, many riders opt to sell it and list it with websites such as Riders Share for sale. MotoVlogging involves filming yourself riding while discussing it live; another way of earning from your motorcycle.

Twisted Road is an app-based service similar to Airbnb that connects motorcycle owners with riders looking for one for an out-of-town trip. Riders using Twisted Road save time and energy while using less gas while avoiding airport fees for their vacation experience – and make the most out of every journey they take!


Before renting a motorcycle, always carefully assess its risks. In many instances, adequate liability insurance must be purchased; while many may think their existing auto or credit card policies cover riding one, this often isn’t true.

Most rental companies provide customized packages depending on your desired level of protection at prices that can often be considered reasonable. Typical packages typically include state-required liability coverage as well as comprehensive and collision coverage to safeguard the bike itself.

Some rental companies also provide owners with cosmetic damage reimbursement as part of their Protection Plans, providing for reimbursement if accessories such as luggage, crash bars, device mounts and tool kits become damaged during a motorcycle rental; provided the damage does not make the item unusable or irreparable. At their discretion, some rental companies may also cover refinishing costs should this occur.


Motorcycles are thrilling rides, yet dangerous. Motorcycle fatalities outnumber car deaths by 28 times per mile driven. Because of this risk, it is best to investigate insurance coverage prior to renting one.

Most peer-to-peer bike rentals require both a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance; RS offers three years of riding experience as a prerequisite, along with a list of accepted license codes from around the globe.

Most rental sites provide different levels of bike insurance depending on how much protection is desired. Some will cover only its market value while others provide roadside assistance as well as theft or damage protection during rentals – something most personal policies don’t provide for and which makes renting attractive to riders who prefer not having to worry about deductibles or coverage limitations.

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