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5 Must Have Truck Accessories

Truck owners can add many useful accessories to make driving and working in their trucks more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable. While some accessories might prove more valuable than others, all provide great returns on investment.

Vent visors allow drivers to open their windows on windy days while remaining protected from rain coming through, without risk of leakage into their cars or windows. Installation is quick and simple!

Seat Covers

No matter whether your work involves transporting passengers every week in your truck or you enjoy off-roading adventures in your Jeep Wrangler, heavy duty seat covers will become essential to protect seats from dirt, spills and scratches caused by children or animals.

Your interior deserves a custom look! Seat covers come in all fabrics from leather to neoprene for you to customize the interior of your ride, ranging from factory matching upholstery designs or bold colors for added personalization.

These budget-conscious solutions will keep your original upholstery clean while adding value to the resale price of your truck. Installation and removal are straightforward and they come in an array of styles and patterns such as Katzkin custom leather seat covers.

LED Light Bars

LED Light Bars are essential accessories if you plan on driving after dark. Their bright, rugged construction makes installation quick and simple while being built to withstand adverse weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

Some LED bars feature amber and white lighting to improve visibility in low light conditions. Others provide both spot and flood beam capabilities for off-roading, working in unlit areas, or other applications.

Most LED lights use traditional switches, while some offer Bluetooth technology so they can be operated remotely – this feature can come in handy if you use an app on your smart phone to manage them when away from your truck. Some mounting kits even include relay, switch and wiring harness systems!

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are designed to protect and conceal cargo inside a truck bed from prying eyes and unwanted visitors. Tonneau covers are available in an assortment of styles and materials ranging from solid fiberglass panels to flexible textiles that span across bed rails; some even help improve fuel economy by decreasing aerodynamic drag while driving down the road.

Most pickup trucks are owned by drivers who put function first, creating an active aftermarket for add-ons to enhance the rig’s usability. A tonneau cover is one of the most frequently sought after accessories.

Carriers offer protection from weather and thieves while making it easier to transport tall items like bikes and kayaks. Furthermore, they provide extra security for tools or other costly equipment.


Pickup trucks are some of the most beloved vehicles on the road. Their versatility makes them suitable for work and play alike, and truck owners love personalizing them to get maximum enjoyment out of them while making them even more unique.

Cargo management systems are indispensable accessories for trucks. From bed trays that facilitate loading to nets that divide sections of the bed, cargo management systems provide easy loading. Ratcheting tie-down kits offer additional load security than rope tie-downs.

Other accessories can be both fun and useful, like this tire table made out of your truck’s spare wheel as a work surface. This accessory may come in especially handy in remote areas where there may not be other suitable options available to them.

Cargo Box Organizer

When your truck becomes disorganized with gear and equipment scattered about, a cargo organizer is an easy and cost-effective solution to stay organized. These simple solutions mount between your tailgate and wheel well to create an area for storage – perfect for keeping groceries, tools, outdoor gear or emergency kits from sliding around during drives!

Some bags are washable and water-resistant to protect your gear from spills and moisture damage, while others even feature lockable features to deter thieves.

Last Boks truck bed organizer is another great solution that makes transporting items simpler, and can even be locked if desired. Available for most truck models, it offers full and mid-size options to help make hauling equipment and supplies for hobbies or work easier.

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