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3 Guidelines to Keep Truckers Safe on the Road

Working as a truck driver is a career that gives you the opportunity to see the country. Hauling loads hundreds of miles a day takes a dedicated driver and a good quality truck. To keep your trips successful, follow these three safety tips. 

1. Inspect Your Truck Daily

Before you head out on the road, it’s necessary to take a walk around your rig. This is the time to note any leaks you may notice on the ground and determine if your truck has an issue. Closely look at your tires, wheels and lug nuts to ensure everything is tight and inflated properly. A complete inspection should take at least 30 to 50 minutes to complete. If you notice a concern, reach out to a truck road service near me to have the problem checked before heading to the highway. 

2. Research Your Route

Knowing where your trip takes you is more than just understanding a map. It’s important to know where you have opportunities to take a break, such as at highway rest stops and truck stops. If your route takes you long distances over desolate roads, be aware of where gas stations are so you don’t get caught with an empty tank on a desert road. Reviewing the weather report for your travel zone and destination is also an essential part of preparation.  Being aware of any storm warning ahead of time allows you to adjust your schedule or plan to stop without driving through dangerous roads. 

3. Get Enough Rest 

As a professional truck driver, not only are you responsible for your safety and protecting your load, you are also responsible for the safety of other drivers. This means you must get a good night’s sleep before traveling each day. 

Working as an over-the-road trucker is an adventure. Make sure you stay safe by following these three guidelines. 

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