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What To Do If You Are In An Accident

Someone has hit your car while you are out driving. Being in an accident can be stressful. Between the damage to your vehicle and the possibility of being injured, it can be difficult to remember what you need to do. Here are a few steps to follow.

Stay There

If your car requires towing services lino lakes mn to be removed from the scene, it can be easy to stay put. Leaving the scene if your car is operational is seen as breaking the law. Take a moment to yourself to observe if you are injured unless staying will put you in danger. When you are ready, get out to speak with the other driver.

Exchange Information

Get the insurance company, license plate, and driver license number of the other party. If there are multiple cars involved, get the data from everyone. An easy way to do this is to snap pictures of these items with your cell phone. This can make it simple to send them to your insurance agent also. When you are talking with the others, refrain from telling them that you were at fault even if you feel that you were. There might be circumstances that make you innocent of the matter that your company knows. If you admit blame, it will be difficult for them to pursue it.

Contact the Authorities

Call the police to come to investigate what has happened. An officer will meet with you at the scene and give you instructions on how to reconstruct it. Once they have their information, they will instruct you to move your vehicles off the road. If any of the cars are unable to operate safely, they will call for a tow truck. They will also call for an ambulance if anyone is injured and administer first aid until the paramedics arrive. If they feel there is someone responsible for the incident or they feel any laws were broken, they may issue a ticket.

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